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So here it is.  I don’t have to watch my tongue here as the very people that I might offend are the same ones that would never read this story anyway.  How many of my readers are familiar with the right-wing conservative rhetoric that constantly spews hatred towards all of us fags?  How many of you have heard all about our ‘gay agenda’?  Yeah, I thought so; all of you.  By the way, I’ve never heard exactly what our gay agenda is supposed to be, other than stalking young kids at playgrounds so that we can recruit them into being gay.  So I decided to make up a fictional agenda of lofty proportions.  It’s a touching story about a gay man who grows up interested in politics and during his last college years he starts having aspirations of working his way up into the U. S. Senate after becoming a mayor and subsequent state House Representative.  But that goal is soon eclipsed by someone else proposing that he be the first gay man to reach the oval office.  Good thing this is fiction, huh?  I took care to title it ‘Oval Ambition ~ His Gay Agenda’ which is possessive for the character only instead of ‘Oval Ambitions ~ A Gay Agenda’ which would be taken by certain assholes as a plural and collective agenda for all homosexuals.

 Anyway, Patrick makes best friends of Melissa in high school and they eventually come out to each other but never correct anyone’s assumptions that they are a couple.  In college, Patrick wins a quick mayoral replacement campaign and Melissa starts focusing her eye on getting him into the U. S. Senate.  They continue allowing others to believe they are an item even after their college years and into their marrying each other to have a child together.  Patrick and Melissa do love each other as something more than best friends but are just not sexually attracted to each other.  They even used in vitro fertilization via a turkey baster to get pregnant.  However, when on a honeymoon vacation together, they manage to play like swingers and enjoy the company of same sex others for each of them.

 After the honeymoon is over, what they had always felt to be true of themselves was confirmed.  They now had an intimate confirmation of their sexual desires to be with someone of the same sex.  The question becomes that of how can they move forward in their lives together with political ambitions and also have what both of them want more than anything, to have loving and intimate gay relationships.  Can they do it?  If they try, will it come back to bite them both in the ass?  Read on as you travel through the mind and psyche of Patrick and Melissa Van Zandt.  Experience their passion for each other which is only equaled only by their passion for tender affections found in the arms of others.