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“BARSTOWE - A Life with Aaron” is a story about two gay men who meet while working out at a gym. After a couple of months working out together, one day everything changes. Aaron Barstowe asks Doug Channing to join him for lunch, comes out to him and then asks him out on a proper date. They undergo a whirlwind romance and get married within a couple of months. While Aaron’s lifestyle provides for one surprise after another to his new found love, he is also hiding a secret part of his life and family. While Doug knows there’s more than meets the eye with his newlywed husband, he does not get to find out the true secret behind the secret until more than a year after having been together. Given Doug’s humble beginnings, the question becomes can he accept finding out more about the Barstowe’s history that comes with his soul mate and true love? 

“DAMAGED GOODS” is a story about a young man who graduates from high school and starts peeking out from within his closet doors having his first gay experience with someone unexpected. Once he goes to college he finds a straight friend for sex. After the first year of college, their friendship grows closer after an event that will change the course of their lives. Questions of friendship and love encircle the two men as they journey forward. Peril, adversity, hardship and misfortune constantly bombard them up to a breaking point. With an unusual and non-traditional love growing for each other, are the bonds strong enough to see them through? Even though things remain fairly the same sexually, during the spring semester of their third year at school another life altering event occurs for these two young men; this one with effects that may very well come between them. Will they bounce back? Can they survive this latest tragedy? Or will having become Damaged Goods be too much for anyone to survive? 

“BARSTOWE - Passion Never Sleeps” chronicles the continuing story of the passionate love and lives of Aaron Barstowe and Douglas Channing.  As their journey continues, they are met with yet another tragedy involving Aaron’s mother which begins to consume them as they are drawn into the drama that comes with it all the while having to balance that with taking care of their newly adopted daughter Amanda.  However, as that chapter is drawn to a close for Ms. Barstowe, Aaron and Doug return to their home and daughter making an enormous effort to start living a more normal, less extravagant life so that they can instill certain values in Amanda who also comes to a new revelation about her own life after she starts her junior year at a new high school.  Making a new start for her junior year brings with it another whole set of issues; new friends and new challenges.  Unfortunately whatever curse follows Aaron and Doug worked its way into Amanda’s life as well.  So read on as your heartstrings get tugged in all directions.

is a story about a maternally orphaned gay man who grows up interested in politics & during his last college years starts having aspirations of working his way up into the U. S. Senate after becoming a mayor & subsequent state House Representative. But that goal is soon eclipsed by someone else proposing that he be the first gay man to reach the oval office. With a lesbian as his best friend turned beard, they marry late in college to put up the happy couple & soon to be family front to help with their endeavors. With a baby and making it into the U.S. Senate, the question quickly becomes that of how can they move forward in their lives together with even higher political ambitions & also have what both of them want more than anything, to have intimacy within a loving relationship but not with each other. Can they do it?  Read on & experience their world of love & dedication for each other which is only eclipsed only by their passion for tender affections found in the arms of two other people.

“SERVICE - Open in the Navy”   Dylan’s lifestyle may be questionable to morally conservative (i.e. narrow-minded) individuals, but his family values and home life prove to be no different than his or Tanner’s parents when they got married.  He makes a killer living compared to Tanner but when it comes to falling in love with someone else, everything that he has might just as well belong to whoever holds the key to his heart and so it’s really no different than that of my own parents or those of you, my readers.  I’ve come to discover that the only difference in heterosexual versus homosexual couples is simply that of plumbing.  The love is the same, the dynamics are the same, the issues at home and work are the same.  So I hope that when you read the story you’ll enjoy every aspect of their lives together and appreciate what love really means to two people who fall in love while being forced to confront in your face homophobia from a superior officer and possibly have to choose between his love of the Navy and his love for Dylan?

“POWER PLAY”   What happens when the country's first major league hockey player comes out?  In the Glacier Hockey league, or the GHL, things get a little heated, not only between the sheets, but also on the ice as the opposing teams find out more and more about Havel Prokop, the only openly gay player in the GHL playing for the ThunderBlades.  As the rumors continue to build and boil over onto the ice, things tend to get a little dicey for the team as they stand behind their teammate.  However, Havel and the love of his life also potentially face backlash off of the ice as well.  It could come from other GHL players, fans or people living right within their own community.  Who can they trust?  Who have their backs?  Will hate crimes be all up in their face or can the proverbial closet doors protect them as they grow in their love for each other as much as their love of the game?  With so much at stake, questions of love, friendship and tolerance push the two men and the entire team to the edge of their own reality as they navigate their way forward.  Or is it going to be backward?  Read on to find out the answers to your burning questions of who will survive in the very narrow world of intolerant athletes on the ice.  Or is it the intolerant fans?  Or perhaps both...

“GAY REDNECK” is a touching coming out story about an underprivileged, small, hick-town, hard-working man named Chuck who grew up with nothing more than a strong will and the determination to make a better life for himself than he had growing up!  His hopes and dreams of love suddenly smack him in the face when he meets twenty seven year old Dustin, a young and energetic attorney who pulls in for gasoline and an oil change one day.  The two men don’t come from different backgrounds or even different worlds.  They are an entire universe apart in every way conceivable.  Dustin is educated; score 1.  Dustin is articulate; score 2, Dustin is out and secure about it; score 3 – and the list goes on.  However, Chuck is kind-hearted, genuine, caring, emotional, in a good way, and his list of qualities also builds from there.  Were Chuck and Dustin destined to meet and be together?  Well… their love, while quite traditional though unconventional to many, is firmly entrenched in their commitment to each other.  As they begin their journey through life together, many an obstacle fall in their path.  Does their passion for each other have what it takes to balance out the rough spots ahead?  Hell… can Chuck even deal with coming out to his family and friends?  The answers are all inside so go ahead and take a peak.

“I KISSED A GUY” is a story about Alessandro, known as Aldo to his family, from São Paulo, Brazil who meets Leo, an American on vacation while in São Paulo.  The two men meet and fall prey to an immediate and very intense attraction to each other so much so that Aldo flies back to the states with Leo and moves right in.  From that moment forward, everything seems to fall decidedly into place for the two men, including marriage and a perfect job for Aldo that’s right up his alley.  Things are apparently blissful in their world up until the point where our diplomatic relations become strained with Brazil.  Being the son of a Brazilian Supreme Court judge, it had been easy for Aldo to travel into the States until the State Department being unaware that he’d married an American citizen asked the Department of Justice to ignore any diplomatic immunity that he enjoyed, fire him and deport Aldo immediately back to Brazil.   Leo and Aldo felt the beginnings of an uphill battle over the situation until they get blindsided by something that they never thought possible.  Does the situation become worse now?  Can the two men stay together in the U.S., where gay marriage had only recently become legal?  Will Leo lose the love of his life or will he go back to Brazil with Aldo and seek citizenship there to be with Aldo?

“BEAR ME TENDER” takes you on a gay subculture journey into the often misunderstood bear community.  Brandon is a gym owner and a bear whose bodily size is from working out and not body fat; however, he’s tall, built and dominant.  One thing that is amplified in the bear community is a sense of protectiveness of their own and their cubs.  With Brandon being is so muscularly huge, one might think Jesse to be a gluten for punishment in pairing up with him.  However, Brandon would never hurt his cub of a partner but rather cherish and protect him and be especially gentle in his sexual aggression.  ‘Bear Me Tender’ exposes a tender side in their relationship that you otherwise might not have thought to exist.  Remember, these are not leather men and they are not of the BDSM subculture.  Though I’m sure there are those who crossover, that is not the case of our cuddly couple.  So please read on!  I hope you feel touched by the gentle nature of Brandon, the grizzly muscle bear, with his much smaller statured cub... Jesse.

“GUNNER - The Gay Superhero” is what I would call ‘fantastic fiction’ as it melds the two separate fantasy worlds of romantic gay fiction and the other-worldly powers of a superhero.  Xander’s story begins with his being helped by a real, live super-hero, Gunner.  After he saves him, he comes to Xander in his sleep and somehow uses his powers to get a blowjob from him - more than once.  Xander starts questioning the reality of Gunner, but... he just might be real.  The answer is inside but I can promise you that the answer isn't quite what you're thinking, whether real or not. J That, however, is soon eclipsed by meeting Kellan, Xander’s first ever boyfriend.  He's a super-hero, of sorts, in his own right; but who doesn't think that about their first love?  He's charming, intelligent and successful.  He's fit, healthy and a master about the bedroom.  Like I said, a super-hero himself.  After he meets Kellan, all sorts of unexpected things come back at him, from his parents, who died when he was an infant, to fag-bashers and heartache.  Coming from next to nothing and suddenly inserted into Kellan's world, unexpected situations continue to knock on his door; some good, others not.  Kellan should be the man of Xander’s dreams, but the odds bombard against him at every turn.  Perhaps Gunner should be his reality instead...  Decisions abound inside!

“AGAINST THE ODDS”   The sad truth in American society is that handicapped individuals do not get a fair shake at love.  When most of the perfectly healthy individuals see someone with a noticeable disability, they subconsciously shrug that person off as nothing more than a handicapped person.  Sure, they may be open to being friends but the possibility of love is somehow off the table.  The same can be said of someone who becomes disabled after they are in a committed and loving relationship at any level.  Too often their marriage or other relationship status suffers, often times to the breaking point because the reality of living with someone 'like that' becomes too difficult.  Let's face it, people can sometimes just suck.  Mark Twain once said, "The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog."  Sad?  Yes, but spot on true for some people I've personally known.  "AGAINST the ODDS" confronts that harsh reality, but is also compounded by the fact that the character is gay and aching for love in the face of unfavorable odds.  Caden Bristol becomes an amputee immediately after being born so he's never known anything different.  However, by the time he hits junior high school, he discovers that people can be mean without any reason to be.  In life after high school and college, it's no different except that kids ripped at his emotions; however, a grown man can rip out his heart.  Will Caden find love or forever be doomed to experience heartbreak?

“ON THE STREETS”   Jonah is an eighteen year old boy and a senior in high school when his parents discover his true sexuality when walking in on Jonah and Tyler’s engaging in a sexual behavior in Jonah’s bedroom.  There are some verbal exchanges in getting Tyler out of the house.  Over the course of the next hour his parents, at first, tried to talk Jonah out of this behavior as a phase that ‘Heavenly Father’ will forgive if he makes the right choices.  The more they all talk, the more that Jonah stands his ground that he is gay and it’s not something that he can turn off.  Things escalate out of hand to the point that his parents literally kick him to the curb with only the clothes on his back.  Homeless, hungry and broke Jonah finds his way to sleeping under a bridge with other homeless people, mostly adults, but does meet a nineteen year old who introduces him to a way to survive.  Jonah starts hustling to earn money so that he can eat but isn’t wise to the real world of drugs, sex, disease or human trafficking.  Will he wise up fast enough to survive life on the streets or just become another statistic?