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M. H. (Michael) Sebastian was born in Atoka, Oklahoma.  His father, now deceased, was a physician and surgeon.  His mother is a retired nurse.  His parents divorced when he was six years old which took him to Tulsa to live with his mother and siblings with his grandparents.  His mother quickly got remarried to her high school sweetheart who was in the navy which took the newly hybrid family to Jacksonville Florida where M. H. lived through his sixth grade year.  He and his siblings would travel back to Oklahoma to spend every summer and every other Christmas with his father.  His stepfather got transferred to New Jersey for his seventh and eighth grade years before another transfer that took him to Michigan where his mother said "no way" and returned with children to Mannford, a small town near Tulsa, Oklahoma.  His mother’s second marriage did not survive the separation.  M. H. then attended his four years of high school in Mannford before attending college at Oklahoma State University where he earned a degree in Business Management.  During college he bartended at the world famous "Eskimo Joes" and continued in food service management after graduation for a total of fourteen years before working in insurance for another twelve years.

M. H. Sebastian is now a freelance author of both eBooks and print editions.  His first novel titled "BARSTOWE ~ A Life with Aaron" was inspired and written shortly after the United States Supreme Court decision ruling that same sex marriage now be legal in all fifty of the United States of America.  This "BARSTOWE" novel is also part one of a trilogy.  Fictional stories seem to flow so freely at times that he was able to complete the first "BARSTOWE" in about thirty hours from start to finish; though many more hours were put into the book's editing.  M. H. is currently working on his fourth, fifth and six novels all at various stages and has several more concepts already planned.

The precipitous for his becoming an author and starting a writing career came about after a very unusual set of insurance career circumstances.  He was a top performing adjuster for one of the nation's top five insurance companies, was highly paid and had received, not one, but two superior service awards based upon customer experience before being terminated a few weeks later for no reason whatsoever.  M. H. attributes his swift termination to the fact that upper management found out that he was gay combined with the fact that he and was the highest paid adjuster in his department, in fact earning more than most supervisors.  Once some unusual workplace oddities started to arise, Mr. Sebastian spoke to an attorney who predicted, in advance, that he was being targeting for termination in such a manner as to let him go as "services no longer required" in an "employment at will" state.  It should be of note that employers love to set up shop in Oklahoma because the courts and laws are extremely pro-employer and very much anti-employee.

This tedious bit of his insurance history is important because working as he did in liability, subrogation, total loss and as a claim file auditor helped him to hone some writing skills with his experience in those departments.  In addition, he often had to deal with client attorneys wherein he would have to carefully draft letters in response to most attorney request for information.  While this is boring in and of itself, it is relevant experience that helped to prepare him for a writing career.

M. H. resides in Norman, Oklahoma with his husband of sixteen years who happens to be an attorney and fully supports M. H. in his career as an author.  The couple plan to leave the ultra-conservative state of Oklahoma as soon as his husband retires.  They would like to end up in Colorado or the Pacific Northwest.