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“Passion Never Sleeps,” chronicles the continuing story of the passionate love and lives of Aaron Barstowe and Douglas Channing.  As you may recall from “A Life with Aaron,” the couple had a very rough first couple of years together with Doug having survived a near fatal mugging and a brain tumor while Aaron was shot in the chest which left to question if he would even survive.  They had a rough recovery from the shooting as their roles were somewhat reversed with Doug stepping up and becoming the alpha male between the two of them for a short while. 

As their journey continues, they are met with yet another tragedy involving Aaron’s mother which begins to consume them as they are drawn into the drama that comes with it all the while having to balance that with taking care of their newly adopted daughter Amanda.  However, as that chapter is drawn to a close for Ms. Barstowe, Aaron and Doug return to their home and daughter making an enormous effort to start living a more normal, less extravagant life so that they can instill certain values in Amanda who also comes to a new revelation about her own life after she starts her junior year at a new high school.  Making a new start for her junior year brings with it another whole set of issues; new friends and new challenges.  Unfortunately whatever curse appears to be following Aaron and Doug also now works its way into Amanda’s life as well.

 After things on that front come to conclusion, ‘Passion Never Sleeps’ continues to dish out more extravagance and tragedy which takes the couple and some friends down a path of potential devastation.  You’ll have to read forward to find out if everything comes to a grinding halt or if they can manage to get through yet another setback, though this one is a whopper.  So read on as your heartstrings get tugged in all directions.